Animal Games: Top Five In The List

Animals have also been very attractive for the video game’s purpose and most such games are liked by every age group people. Personality, feelings and occasionally super powers are found in bulk in such video games. Lets look at five famous video games in animal characters is as follows:-

screenb 4 Animal Games: Top Five In The List


Pengo was a video game that was launched in 1982 and it features a Pengo, basically the penguin. Sno bees were the enemies in the game and the Pengo has to battle with the sno bees with big ice cubes. The three diamond cubes should be aligned to get a bonus score. Pengo will dance with other penguins, will play piano, and will salute the players in the games intermission sequences and pengo is really a very cute penguin.

The frog from Fogger

When the frog will cross the road, he will get the highest score. This game was launched in 1981 but is yet in trend. The game Frogger featurisms a desperate frog which crosses a busy road and also have to pass a dangerous river to get to his home. This game also had players which dropping quarters and will new appreciation for helpless amphibians.


Epona is a beautiful and charming way to reach the new worlds of Hyrule. It is the link game in Zelda games. Epona is the name of the Celtic goddess of horses. Epona is one of the most famous and well known horses in the female category and also in video games. How to ride the Epona is the basic key of success of this movie, the point you’ll know how to ride Epona will the time when you will start qualifying for the Epona stages.


Conker is named on rude squirrel. This game got the highest ranking in 2001 due to its gaming zone and features. Conker’s bad fur day is on the normally family friend. He relishes in juvenile humor and he drinks and he swears too. He is the perfect antihero. And is adult sick of conformity and kids.

Animal dungeon

This game is also very much famous. And is very much popular among kids as well as adults. Animal dungeon is appreciated by all the different age group people. So go on with the new adventure movie in the world. It is designed and produced by Appimize Studio and cost only 1.97 pounds. Here are some features of Animal Dungeon due to which is becoming popular among the kids and adults:

Features of Animal Dungeon

  • Animal dungeon is Compatible with iOS 6.1 and higher.
  • Incredibly fun and informative with dazzling stages keeping kids and adults engaged through a “just one more time” endless game play!
  • Available in multiple language
  • Comes packed with Zoopedia with educational information about animals in different continents with animal sounds and images.
  • This game is Easy to learn and easy to control.

So the above mentioned games are the top five animal movie games, being famous all around the world… try them and enjoy playing them !!!!

Mehreen is a copywriter and have been writing for the past 3 years. She has done her O’levels and is now doing her software enginering. She is the head of copywriters at appimize Studio. Follow appimize studio on twitter @appimize

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